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    can somebody tell me which wire goes to which header, i think i know all of them except the wires that go to the 12v header. thx

    please take a look at the following pictures

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    This is how I think it seems to work out:
    Header --- Case wires
    TPA* ---- TPA0+
    TPA ---- TPA0-
    TPB* ---- TPB0+
    TPB ---- TPB0-
    VG ----- GND
    VG ----- GND
    VP ----- GND
    Ground --GND

    Now, I realize that one of the 4 grounds isn't going to be able to connect to anything, but that's fine. As long as there is a ground wire, you'll be alright. You might want to contact Asus about it as well to be sure, although I've not heard the best things about them.

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