An unusual bargain from a SHOP!

Discussion in 'Bargain Zone' started by zeus, Jan 11, 2007.

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    For £300 Its gonna be hard to fault. I suppose really an extra £30-50 should be spent on a PSU but no doubt the one with it will last a year or so.

    Looking further down the list of item they have Office Student Edition for £100. We bought a pc not long ago with twice the harddrive space setup as raid (only a sempron though) for £300 and that included Office Student Edition.... a proper box and everything. My stepdad said we got an XP disk too though I haven't seen it yet so dont know if its a MS disk.
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    Thanks zeus, I'll look into getting that for my parents. My mum needs another PC to do her ECDL. The 2 usable computers in the house are both in my room, so we could do with another downstairs. Very good specs for the price.

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