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Discussion in 'CPU, Motherboards and Memory' started by Jecht, Jun 10, 2005.

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    im about to install the final piece of my newest pc, the proc. is it true that i should put arctic silver 5 on the base of my xp-120 as well? i dont see the reason for this if i do, that would just make a double layer of as 5 for the proc, and why not just put more on the proc, instead of one layer on both. thx bunches
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    What I do is I put a bit on the hsf, use that to cover the cpu, and wash what remains a bit. That ensures that the imperfections are filled there too.

    I don't leave a layer on the hsf, I just leave what's hard to wash, so there isn't much, but just enough.
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    For P4 Prescott:

    If you are very kinky and have some latex surgeon's gloves at home
    (the best are the single finger-tip ones you use for rectal examinations :eek:hah: ), put a small amount on the tip of the finger and smooth it into the heatsink and also into the proc. Then wipe any exess stuff (silver conducts, so make sure you do not use too much or it will 'spill' and might short somthing). Next put a small blob on the proc approx. 6mm diameter. Next put the heatsink on and press lightly. Pull the heatsink up and see the result. You should now see a round mark of paste on the proc. if it looks like it is about to spill then you put too much. clean the exess again and put another blob but this one smaller etc. The final squeeze will be stronger and will push the paste further out! Allow for that....

    For AMD - the same but the blob size should be that of a grain of rice.

    The way I did it was I cleaned proc and h/s first with Akasa cleaner ( I was moving from silver based to Ceramiq) and then did as I explained just now.

    Please do not ilude yourself. You can never get 100% contact between the three factors (proc. h/s and paste). There are always some imperfections that you cannot help. As long as there is enough paste between the h/s and proc you should be fine. Make sure you have some mobo monitoring program so you can follow the system's temps.

    Good luck! And keep it cool :good:
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    The paste is fairly self explainatory, I think, and the main issue is the HSF. If the HSF is adequate the paste shouldnt really matter as long as it is there. Check out my HSF-Heatsink and fans (2 of these).

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