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Discussion in 'New Build / Upgrade Advice' started by hdfk, Aug 27, 2005.

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    hi i dont know if this helps anyone but id like to think it would....ive been building my own new computer with a abit motherboard 160GB sata hdd amd 64 3000+ 512mb ddr samsung and a pci express slot all went fine untill i turned it on when it crashed and then would not show the picture anymore unless i reseted the CMOS i sent it to a technician who thought it was my psu (my psu sucks so im buying a new one) but i wasnt sure so i was looking on my bios (i just got on there luckly) and when to intergreat perphalis?? something like that and came across a display setting that was on pci not pci express??!! i changed it and SO far its working its installing windows right now!! so if any of you have a problem with ur pc going blank then reset cmos go into bios and look at ur graphic card settings
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    Settings like that are a REAL pain in the arse, One of my motherboards came without the usb ports enabled..... it had me swear at windows for hours trying to get my mouse to work!
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    Yeah definately got to configure everything early on in the game.
    No usb ports inabled! How the heck are you supposed to work around that, man that's would have driven me nuts. Good think you're keyboard worked otherwise you would have been totally screwed I guess.

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