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    was iming on my pc and bam lock up. screen froze, and keyboard lights went dead. infact everything plugged into the front usb port went dead. that port goes directly into the rear usb ports of the mobo. all other usb ports stayed on. this just has started happening, this being the second time. nothing in event viewer. sisoft told me that i was overclocking too much, why would it just hit me now. all temps check out. could i be overloading a 620 watt psu with my current config. the only thing i can think of that i added recently is a sata dvd rw drive, would that do it. when it locked up and i pressed the restart button, nothing happened. then a dew seconds later, the pc shutdown then started up again. whats happening. should i increase cpu voltage its @ 1.4 in bios. again, running fine till now

    Update: i just ran memtest for 1 1/2 hours, no errors. also upped the cpu volt. to 1.43. Also noticed that a connection to the back of the psu was loose. i fixed it. could that of been the problem

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