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    I'm not sure if anyone has heard of these guys or not, but I figured I would give my own experience about them.

    I had a 16GB SD card that i use in my Nikon DSLR. We decided to use that for our wedding pictures to save on costs of a pro photographer.

    The day after my wedding, i pulled the card to look at the pictures we took. plugged it into my laptop. NOTHING, plugged it into desktop, NOTHING. Not only did i lose every wedding picture, but about 1800 other pics that were on there from vacations, school programs, birthdays...etc.

    I tried every software solution Google would throw at me. Nothing worked, it wouldn't even see the card.
    I saw something about recoverfab.com online in a google search. They seemed to have pretty good reviews so I bit the bullet and sent my dead SD card to them (based in Germany). After it was delivered, a couple days later i got an email from them saying the recovery was done. Very fast. They show you a preview of some of the files they recovered on their website. After payment, they give you FTP access to the files, so you don't have to wait for them to ship media back to you.

    It's not cheap, but the pictures were very important. And, it's the only way I could find to get them back.

    The email correspondence was very good too, they keep you up to date on everything. Even emailed me when they received the card, and gave me an ETA. It was done two days later.

    I would definately do business with them again if the need ever arises.
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