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Discussion in 'CPU, Motherboards and Memory' started by hdfk, Nov 17, 2005.

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    my friend has an asus kn87i?? along those lines and he removed the cpu (amd 3200+) and when he put it back in the pc said the cpu has changed. so he re botted it and went into the bios to find that it had been underclocked so he put the frequency to the right number 200?? then when he booted he got the windows didnt start properly please chose normal mode, last know good config etc etc and which ever one he choses it hangs up and wnt do anything, so we tried to reinstall xp but on the part where it says system will now load windows it hangs up aswell.

    We dont think the cpu is the cause because otherwise it wouldnt get past the POST, we are not sure what to try next, any tips would be cool!!
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    Well, i couldn't find a motherboard with that model # so it must a different mobo, can you try to get the correct model # for us?
    Is it a 3200+ 64 Bit or a 3200+ XP?
    And lastly, when you put the CPU back in, did you reset the BIOS?
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    Make sure the CPU heatsink is installed properly with a fresh layer of thermal paste (after cleaning off the old stuff).

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