HardDrive Down and Computer can't find so I cant install OS

Discussion in 'Drivers and Firmware' started by mingui91, Jan 13, 2010.

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    Notebook model: Compaq presario c300 laptop
    Processor type: Intel Celeron M CPU 420
    Processor Speed 1.60GHz
    Total Memory 768 mb
    video memory 128mb(Xp only)
    BIOS version F.24

    I formatted with Win.XP recently but when downloading the suggested BIOS from the Compaq website the PC shut down and ever since I've had looping boots after a blue screen saying my hard device is screwed up. So I burned a boot disk with Darick's nuke, and completely wiped out the hard to install the Windows again, and it still says this and I just get a retarded laptop only with an opening Compaq screen then blacking out, booting, then coming back to this screen whenever a window installation is booted after i press enter to install:

    Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer. Make sure any harddisk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuraion ins correct. set up cannot continue, to quick press f3.

    If I press R to repair it still said that the path or file specified is not valid, and it lets me type from C:/). How can I revive the damaged hard that supposedbly not pwered on, found or connected properly?

    This is the BIOS that i tried to install soon after I first formatted then booted the computer into retarded mode: WinFlash for HP Notebook System BIOS (for Notebooks with Intel Processors) - Microsoft Windows/Vista-Based

    link:Compaq Presario C300 Notebook PC series- WinFlash for HP Notebook System BIOS (for Notebooks with Intel Processors) - Microsoft Windows/Vista-Based - HP Business Support Center

    PS: I can burn boot disks on my other computer so if there are links to any helpful things that might be used as boot disks to revive the hard to a point where atleast I can install windows on it thats fine too thanks!
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    why did you install a newer BIOS? Unless you have hardware issues or the new BIOS promisses considerable performance fixes, don't ever upgrade - that has always been my policy.

    But what's done, done. I would say that the update either wasn't successful or the new BIOS is buggy in releation to your laptop hardware.

    So, what to do?

    Remove the laptop battery and maybe move some jumpers on your mobo (ie do anything to reset to BIOS settings defaults). Get a bootdisk - either CD or flash stick (or maybe a USB floppy?) and install an original BIOS version. I think that this is the only way to go.

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