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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by floydferret, Jan 18, 2002.

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    have a problem with my mouse going out whenever I plug something into my usb ports. I reinstalled windows ME thinking it was something in the OS, but the problem persisted. I brought the computer in the shop because it is still under warrenty thinking it was a hard ware problem. They returned it to me saying it was a software problem ( not Under warrenty) and offered to reinstall windows for me for a hundred bucks.
    I took the computer home and put windows xp on it. The mouse was fine when I plugged a cable modem into one of the usb ports , but as soon as I plugged a scanner into one of the others , no mouse. Is this a hardware or software issue? Any Ideas on how I can fix this?
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    What connection are you using for the mouse? ....USB I presume?.

    To me, if you've tried it on different OS's then that would sound like a hardware issue....but someone may disagree with me on that.

    There was a thread on these forums a while back regarding an issue with USB logitech mice. I had probs when rebooting with it plugged into a USB PCI card, where the mouse pointer would disappear completely. And from what I remember someone else had an issue where it would disappear in games.

    Myself and the other member both agreed that the only work around was to use the PS2 converter that came packaged with the mouse.

    But, obviously, that's irrelevant if you're using the PS2 connection already. If not, it might be worth a go....not perfect but it's a fix at least.
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