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    Thus I have a laptop ZET A8 laptop and worked extra, however, I broke his
    hinges. I've disassembled the laptop and replace hinges and compiled laptop
    when it burned poker like Windows Recovery, when he finished laptop is
    normally turned on or do not like either one USB port and WIFI, all the
    rest is operating normally, and the internet even works when you ride over
    Lana. I did a new system and install all drivers again or not does not
    respond, I also changed to biosu all that has to do with usb-om or in any
    combination does not work. When the fallen laptop USB flash starts to shine
    when it comes to loading the system stops, as well as I do that the new
    system in one port lights flash or do not recognize. Light of WiFi me on
    and off when pressed fn + f1 or anything in the system is not
    responding. If one knows to what can be a helps. Thank you

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