How Can The Display System Hardware Be Analyzed To Find A Problem

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    I use a dual boot Windows 10 r-1809 and Linux Mint 19.1 desktop. The motherboard is ten months old and it's an 8th generation ASRock B360 Pro4 with a Pentium Gold 5600 processor, 16gb RAM with onboard Intel display hardware connected by HDMI to a 22" LG 22LV2500 Digital TV & monitor.

    As of last week, the monitor screen goes very dark, the images are visible seen with difficulty. This occurs randomly, regardless how long the system is on, and then it returns to normal after awhile. Nothing I tried brightens the screen, neither the monitor, nor the Windows, or Intel display settings. If I switch from Windows to Linux the problem corrects itself sometimes.

    The driver was updated to the current version last week and everything is working as it should. It renders the images and text very clearly and sharply. Also posted to the Intel Graphics forum and Intel eventually suggested to reinstall Windows. which I did.

    Also used Furmark, to stress test both the GPU and the monitor and everything checked out OK. What else can I do to track down the problem to determine if it's the hardware or the driver? Replacing the equipment is not an affordable choice.

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