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    Hi Guys,

    Thought i would introduce myself to you all, I deal with all of Bigpockets Used and Refurbished PC and Laptop Hardware. Ive got a few stonking deals in the pipeline for early next week so get prepared for the deal of the cenutry...

    In the meantime judging from some of the replies to Simon's inital post i thought i would let you know about some entry level laptops we have in stock. Ideal for Students or for those just starting out.

    Anybody looking for anything in particular no matter what the quantity let me know as we have loads of stock not displayed on the website.

    Dell Cpi Laptop PII 400Mhz, Min 128, Min 6 Gig, CDROM,Floppy,16 Bit Sound, USB Port, 13.3 inch TFT Screen, Battery and AC Adapter @ £149.99 inc VAT Dell Cpi Laptop PII 400Mhz, Min 128, Min 6 Gig, CD,Floppy, 13.3 inch TFT £149.99 - Blank Media - Gadgets - Ink Cartridges - Free Delivery

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