installing old RAID 0 array in new mobo

Discussion in 'Storage Devices' started by Isaiah Everin, Oct 8, 2010.

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    Okay, just installed a new ASUS P5Q Pro mobo, already had a P5N-T, so these hard drives are ALREADY set to RAID and are interlaced, and have Windows 7.

    I plug them into the right ports, go to BIOS, set the storage config to "RAID," but when I reboot it tells me to put in a drive with an OS. I went into the RAID config, and it's telling me my drives aren't configured as a RAID unit -- but they were on the old mobo. How to I make it recognize that they are? To link them on this mobo, it's telling me I have to wipe the drives, which is not something I want to do.

    The last time I updated the BIOS on the old one, it didn't recognize the RAID, but then I just had to change something in the BIOS/RAID settings and it clicked and saw that they were paired.

    What do I need to do to make this work?

    After some digging, it sounds like it's possible that it won't read the RAID array, but they're very similar motherboards, so it's also possible it will? I don't know how to sort this out though. When I restart and put in the support disk to boot before the HD, it tells me it wants to set up a "Asus P5Q PRO Turbo ICH10R AHCI/RAID Driver Floppy Disk" for either 32-bit or 64-bit. I don't know what this means, and I don't have a floppy drive -- do I need this to happen for it to recognize my drives as an array? is there a way to put these drivers on a USB drive?

    In the RAID utility, it tells me that they're non-RAID drives. if I set it to IDE, the BIOS detects the individual drives, but when I switch it to RAID, it acts like they aren't there. There's no option to set-up a pre-existing array in the RAID utility, only to make new ones or delete old ones.

    I could technically format the drives, I backed up my most important stuff (hopefully didn't forget everything), but would seriously prefer to find a way for the mobo to detect the fact that these are already set up as an array.

    Is there no way to access my data without completely disassembling my computer and reassembling it with the old motherboard? I have everything "important" backed up, but I just realized that I don't really want to lose all of my game saves in one go.

    Is it possible to install an OS on my external HD connected by eSATA? Would that help at all in trying to access these other two?

    Does anyone even know what this "Asus P5Q PRO Turbo ICH10R AHCI/RAID Driver" is and if it would help?
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    I just dealt with my ICH10R raid driver in this post
    and let me tell you it was not fun. there are a few possible bypasses you can try which are all linked to in that post. none of them worked for me but its worth a shot.

    I don't know what to tell you on your mobo not identifying your drives as raid...
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    Your old motherboard had an NVidia chipset, and the new one has an Intel chipset. Both use different metadata to designate fake-RAID members, which are not compatible with eachother.

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