Laptop Bios Update for sound driver problem?

Discussion in 'Drivers and Firmware' started by abdul jaleel, May 2, 2011.

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    i have a wipro model laptop, i cant find any support website or cant find support on wipro laptop page, last week i upgraded from windows xp to windows7, there is no problem on windows xp but in windows 7 i got a problem on sound driver. my sound driver is ALC655 version 6 (HD AUDIO), after i completed my win7 installation i found that sound driver is automatically installed as "Microsoft HD Audio", to solve my problem i downloaded the latest version of realtek sound driver from manufacturer website ,but i cant solve my problem,
    sorry i forgot to say what is my problem on sound driver:
    in the audio settings page there is a "Default Format" option for setting the frequency, it is normaly 24Bits 44100 HZ(CD QUALITY), with this settings i can hear sounds with a noise, (Noise like high audio source connected to small speakers) i changed it to 16BITS 44100 HZ (CD QUALITY), and i get a small relief from the noise, i think if i can set the frequency to too low i can solve my problem but there is no option for it on my audio settings page, while googling my problem i found that i can solove my problem by upgrading my bios to new, My bios is pheonix, i visited to it's site there is a bios upfdate option but when i clicked it redirect me to but it is a pay site. i contact my friend for her login details and there it show only driver updates for webscan; i cant login to account when using bios agent plus aplication downloaded from thier web page,

    is there any way to solve my problem without upgrading my bios;\

    if no how i can upgrade my bios

    My Laptop configuration:
    model: wipro WIVNB7B1620

    North Bridge SiS 672 Revision 00
    South Bridge SiS 968 Revision 00

    CPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2410 @ 2.00GHz


    BIOS Version 1.09
    BIOS Date 11/21/2007
    BIOS Size 1024 KB
    BIOS Starting Segment E4A3h
    DMI Version 2.5
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    You don't need a BIOS upgrade. Although it does affect how Windows boots up your hardware, BIOS won't alter the hardware already integrated to the motherboard. The hardware you have is what you'll always have unless you upgrade the device itself and not the BIOS. What i suggest is you do is force the installation of ALC655. I found here version 7, as version 6 is for Vista only. Go here and wait for the download to appear. It'll take a minute.

    Run the setup as Administrator

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