Laptop shutting down, can't install any OS

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by masok, Oct 17, 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    I've been having this problem for a few days now, and I can't figure out whats going on.

    I have an HP 6910p, which was working great a few days ago, I was running Linux on it, and everything worked like a charm.
    I got a new laptop, so I was planning on giving this one to my younger brother, but since he is not a fan of Linux, I tried to install Windows on it.

    But the thing is, I can't install Windows, or Linux again for that matter.
    The laptop shuts down after a few minutes.
    I tried with a USB stick, and with a DVD as well, always the same results.
    The computer starts, it picks up the USB stick/DVD and I can see the first screen of the installation process (Win7, Win8, Ubuntu). It goes for a few minutes, with the progress bar with the "Windows i loading files..." and then it just shuts down.
    First I thought that it was overheating, but I can keep the computer turned on for a long time if I'm not trying to install anything.
    For example, if I get into BIOS, just to mess with the options there, I can have the laptop on forever. But the second I try to install an OS, it shuts down.
    I don't think it could be the hard drive either, I mean, I've been using the laptop for a few months before this and never had an issue.
    And if it really was the overheating thing, I assume it would shut down regardless of what operation the computer is performing.

    Any ideas?
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    First try bottom of laptop with your hand when installing. If it burns, probably overheating problem.

    Load in BIOS is much lighter than when installing Windows.
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    It was a little hot, but not excessive.

    I did solve this tho.
    If someone else is having a similar issue, you might want to try this.
    I went into BIOS and went back to default configuration.
    After that, I was able to install Windows.
    I don't really understand why it happened, since I didn't make any changes to the BIOS before, other than the device boot order.
    And, if for some reason I had to cancel the installation (I had to format my drive to NTFS), the problem would come back, and it would shut down all the time.
    I had to go once again into BIOS and change to the default config to get the installation running again.


    Thanks anyway for the help.

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