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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by sain, Feb 8, 2002.

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    Ok let me explain my situation as best i can

    i recently upgraded to a p4 system so i got my old p2 350mhz and bought a Intel SE440BX2 motherboard (used) from a friend of mine and started to build another pc. Bought a cheap case with a 350w Power Supply and started assembling.

    Got the intel mobo the p2cpu 96mb ram 1hardisk 1 cdrom and a 32mb video card (new)

    After completing the assembly continued to connect it to my nearest wall socket, to my surprise everything turned on immediatly without hitting the power button and the computer never booted. Cdrom, cpu fan (wich is connected to a power supp. 4 pin connector) all started but the puter didnt.
    Have been told to check the jumper configurations and i have and all of them are in default positions.

    Has anyone had this problem also. Is there something i overlooked?

    thanx for the feedback
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    Well, check to make sure the motherboard isn't being shorted out by something. I suggest having it outside the case first to verify this.
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    Ok well if your cdrom starts up and a couple other things its not being shorted out. If it was being shorted out it wouldnt even start anything. You need to tell me a couple things. Check to see if your LED's are in the motherboard correctly. If they are than take off the IDE cable on your Cdrom and just keep your hard disk in. If it boots up like that than your CDrom is plugged in wrong. If it doesnt check to see if your hardrive IDE cable is not backwards on the mobo or the hard disk.. Also check to see if your RAM is in the right Slot. Try switching them to see if it works. That slot may not work. Make sure you put it in Slot 1. If all else fails you might have to take everything out and try running it with the minimum requirements for starting a compmuter. Keyboard, Video card, hardisk, floppy. If that doesnt work your screwed cause i cant do anything else unless i was there

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