New computer build..problem?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by brandonk_5, Sep 11, 2010.

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    Alright before the story let's abbreviate some things.

    Name of friend who might have effed up comp build (KF..random initials)
    Name of friend who bought the parts that im trying to help (hooty..again..random)

    ok so now that that is out of the way..i will try to make it as short as possible by listing steps.

    -kf said he knew about comps (hes a brother of a different friend)

    -kf sent list to me to give to hooty of comp parts to order to fit his build

    -hooty received parts and then hooty and i went to kf's house to get installed.

    -kf took about 5 hours with hardware working/moving but no video...

    -after another hour, the psu wouldn't even power up so hooty and i took the computer to my house before he had to leave for military duty.

    -I read every guide I could get my hands on or pdf files..put the computer together and now have a problem that is slight less * i hope * than what kf left the computer as.

    Now that we got that out of the way as well...the problem is this.

    Everything was put together and I turned on the power..and the fans/mobo phase led's lit/turned for about 2 seconds and then died....and this happened multiple times.

    I've researched my brains out all day with going from use a *something jumper* to connect 2 pins on the cmos i believe..or use some type of metal to draw out the power all the way. im come to the conclusion that I would turn to a well-known computer forum for help before I have him send all the parts back and make kf pay for them or pay money to a co-worker to try to diagnose it.

    Any help is greatly appreciated and I will do the best I can to answer questions

    For reference specs are as follows *for what I think you'll need*

    Gigabyte p55-usb3 rev 2 motherboard
    Intel core i7-860 *i believe...will check again*
    "His Ati Radeon 5870 turbo" graphics card
    Corsair 750w power supply
    Adata ddr3 ram
    western caviar? 650gb hard drive
    Antec case *doubt that's important at the moment*

    *anything else you need to know, please don't hesitate to ask and I greatly appreciate the future responses.
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    Probably the Processor was not installed properly, try to reinstall it. Before to turn on the power, disconnect all HDD and CDD. Only the Mobo is connected to the power supply then Power on.

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    Sounds like something is not connected correctly, Also have you tested your power supply ? This is a NEW Motherboard right ? Get the specks of this motherboard online and double check the
    wiring of the front panel..
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    sounds like it's shorting on the case. Take the motherboard out the case and try powering on again. could also be the power switch, so make sure you short the 2 power switch pins on the motherboards controler panel with a flat head screw driver.

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