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    The Tech Zone has posted a D-Link DWL-G650 Xtreme G wireless Cardbus Adapter Review

    Performance of the D-Link Cardbus was really good. While it may never reach the maximum speed of 108Mbps we were able to measure nearly 40 Mbps transfer speed when standing 5 feet from the DI-624 router. Moving 50 feet away reduced the transfer speed to about 20 Mbps but that is still blazing fast for a wireless setup. We were able to travel almost 200 feet away from the wireless router before we lost the signal. Overall, we have no complaints about performance. This is the fastest Cardbus we have ever tested.

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    Designtechnica Reviews the Sony HMP-A1 Media Player

    The Sony HMP-A1 could have been the video iPod if it weren't for the requirement to convert the video and audio files into a different format, which makes transferring files an annoyance. At a whopping $700, the 20GB A1 is vying for customers who would consider multimedia intensive PDAs, portable DVD players, and higher capacity digital audio players. If you're a fashion conscious commuter, the A1 is sleek, small, and offers great picture and sound quality. Just don't forget your headphones.

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    Power Supply Roundup - Six PSU's fight to the death

    Today Cameron Johnson has posted a power supply roundup comparing some of the latest units from OCZ, Thermaltake, Vantec and Coolermaster. We'll check out the appearance and features of each PSU and then put them up against each other and measure the type of minimum and maximum voltages each is able to deliver with a standard system and then an overclocked system based around an Intel Pentium 4 Prescott processor.

    Matrix Orbital MX422 LCD Review @

    The MX422 is basically the LK204-24-USB LCD display mounted on a nice looking double 5-1/4” drive bay insert. The front has a brushed metal finish which is pretty typical in the nicer aluminum cases like the Cooler Master and the Lian Li. The rear of the unit looks a little confusing and has a lot packed on to it, but it is designed to allow easy access for plugging in the accessories and it is easier to figure out than it first appears.

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    I still have to wonder at OCZ stuff, especially with it coming out on top at the TweakTown review. In the past, OCZ has bribed websites for positive reviews and their memory has had trouble running at advertised speeds. I may have to try and get some of their stuff and see if they really are good or not---because I've heard enough bad mojo about them and it's stuck in my head.

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