Storage Solution - SSD V.S Traditional

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Storage Solution - SSD vs Traditional HD

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  1. 1TB Samsung EVO

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  2. 4TB Seagate Enterprise Edition

  1. PC_Gamer_Guy

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    Let me keep this short and to the point. I backup a ton of websites on a regular basis. I am needing a fast storage solution because sometimes this takes way longer than it should. Should I invest in a 1TB Samsung EVO for storage ( - if so, will it last writing to it a lot like I plan to.

    Or should I stick with this traditional 4TB Enterprise level drive and deal with the slower speeds but more storage space, but honestly I doubt Ill ever fill up the 1TB with the amount of sites I am working with at the moment. (
  2. Wicked Mystic

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    That Samsung is not very durable as it's TLC, not MLC. Also it's very slow when write buffer fills so I cannot recommend it if you are regurarly making backups.

    Why not consider 2*2TB HDD RAID 1?
  3. Coffmank

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    If you are saving your data in SSD, HD or your pc storage then it might be risky. Do not compromise with your data security because your data can be easily lost due to machine errors, theft, breakouts or any other reason. So I usually store my data in the cloud backup. I am currently using CloudBacko. I can access CloudBacko from Windows, Linux, Mac etc. So I recommend it if you are regularly making backups. Thanks
  4. Big B

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    For your needs, SSD's while fast, should take a back seat to reliability. SSD's are still in their infancy compared to the traditional stuff. A RAID 1 array, as Wicked Mystic advised, would be a good move for your backup. Having some 7200RPM drives in their, while not as fast as an SSD, wouldn't hurt. If it's important, you want reliability and security over anything and everything else.

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