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Discussion in 'TV, Movies, Anime and Manga' started by ProcalX, Jul 2, 2004.

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    this post is not intended to seem offensive.. :)

    right isn't Anime / Manga that like japanese cartoons? with the subtitles? like pokemon etc? (except that didnt have subtitles)

    ain't it abit sad!?
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    Well, sometimes the voice acting is so bad, you turn on the subtitles, although this is generally much better, than if you'd compare it to the 80's. However, the Japanese voice actors sometimes have a vocal range that gives more depth to the character.

    NYPD Blue and Seasame Street are both live shows, yet Seasame street is for kids and NYPD Blue is not. Same with anim e.

    About 40% of TV in japan is animated, and much higher than here in the US. It's changing some, but on the regular networks, you have basically King of the Hill and The Simpsons. There's a wide range of subjects, not all for kids, and not all big robots either. You can't watch, say Hellsing, and tell me that's for kids. I guess you could compare it to the American comic book geek.

    It's my choice of entertainment. While they tend to delve into the sci-fi/fantasy area a little more often, that's not always the case. Noir is an excellent example of this, especially in the cinematics.

    Sad...I dunno. I like it, but you won't catch me prancing around in a costume, much less at a convention. I'm scared I'll see some fat guy dressed up like Sailor Moon! :eek:
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    B's absolutely right. There's kiddy cartoons, then there's adult anime. There's some stuff out there that will curl your toenails, but you won't see that on prime time TV (or Adult Swim, for that matter). Real Japanese anime (with real Japanese voice actors) can actually be really fullfilling entertainment. In Japan, voice-acting is not looked down upon so much as it is there, and they believe in doing everything 100%. Try watching the Japanese versions of Cowboy Bebop (stupid name, great series) and Now & Then, Here & There. You may be suprised how quickly and thouroughly you're drawn in. :)


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