Toshiba Satellite L40-194 Windows XP No Audio Device

Discussion in 'Sound Cards and Speakers' started by tajkll, Feb 8, 2008.

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    The notebook came with Vista which didn't work properly at all, it was extremely slow so I wanted to go for either Windows XP or some Linux distribution. I tried a Windows XP SP2 CD first but it didn't work because it couldn't detect any hard disks. Then I used a Windows XP SP3 ISO and added the Intel SATA controller drivers to it and burned it. It actually worked and the operating system runs fine and much faster now. But I have a problem with the sound. I installed the chip set utility and the audio drivers from Toshiba - Download drivers: (, for this model but it still fails to detect it and there two items with a question mark listed in device manager:

    PCI Device
    Unknown Device

    I have installed the WLAN drivers etc, I'm not quite sure what the "unknown device" could be, I suppose the PCI one is that Realtek sound card.

    Would somebody please help me out?
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    I found this thread which references this other one.

    From what it sounds like, you'll need to install the Microsoft UAA (Universal Audio Architecture) driver and then install the Realtek audio driver. Check step 3 in the second link.

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