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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by maboroshi, Dec 17, 2003.

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    Hi I was looking at upgrading my system

    I have an Athlon Xp 1800

    The Processor that was recommended (or the only thing they have) by the store was an Amd Thoroughbred my current motherboard (I believe thats right) is running a 266MHZ Bus

    The Processor I was planning on buying was the thoroughbred 2400 to support my motherboard 266 bus

    My question is are these AMD thoroughbred processers compatible with my motherboard

    And are they better than the Athlon XP are they the same thing or what

    My mother board is an AK31 Socket A Spacewalker mainboard

    It says in my motherboard manual that it will support Socket 462 package CPU with 200/266 MHZ FSB

    Can someone help me out

    I am sorry If this is a dumb question

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    Check thier website and see if they have a BIOS update for the board concerning this. It should be able to run the chip just fine.

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