weird problem with conector in laptop

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by stefan1988, Jan 25, 2009.

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    i have a friend and she owns a laptop that is an acer something i dont rembember the model # at the moment :doh:

    but the plastic near the ac-connector was like melting and im not really sure why by plastic i mean the actual case of the laptop the outside of it near the connector

    i grabbed a voltimeter and tried looking how much voltage the power supply was giving out and it was 19V and i checked on adaptor and the voltage is supposed to put out is 19v

    then i got the program everest ultimate by lavalyst and i looked at the cpu temperature and it was around 50c i compare with my dads laptop to see the temperature he had on his chip and it was pretty much the same

    so what else could the cause of the problem?

    p.s please excuse my english since is not my 1st languange >_<
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    well, I have a acer extensa and it can get quite hot (I can almost burn myself if I touch the area around the venting hole) if the fan openings are blocked. I don't know where the heatpipe is going along in that acer, but it might go somewhere near the power inlet, thus melting it because of insufficient cooling. I don't think it's the power adaptor itself. Anyways, for me, my laptop simply shuts down when it gets too hot - I dunno if it's a safety precaution or simply physics, but if it wouldn't it would've melted by now (as sometimes I do accidentially cover the openings)

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