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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by michelle, Sep 29, 2002.

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    Hi all, I'm new here and don't have any hardware knowledge, so hope that anyone of you could give me opinion on getting a pc or laptop would be a much preferable choice. Basically I'm a web programmer and I will be using it for wrting codes. Any recommendations on memory, space and speed?

    Also, what's the brand of the PC where majorities of you guys here are using?

    One of the good point for a laptop was obviously its portability. As why I'm asking for opinion for either laptop or pc is also because I've all along been using pc at my room and as you know I write codes so it seems like I am waiting to rot on my room. Which means, I can't leave without pc so I can't leave my room. Any programmers here have any experience on coding for website in a laptop?? Is it the same as coding in a pc? Any side effect like screen resolution effect or difficulties like connecting to the net, or whatsoever??

    Any other comments would great.
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    Assuming you're using Windows...yes, HTML coding (and other web coding) would work the same on a laptop. Equally configured, laptops will be much more expensive than the desktop counterpart, because of limited space and cooling methods. However, if you need a PC wherever you go, a laptop would be the ticket. I'm very hesitant to suggest a palmtop (HP Jordana, 3Com Palm Pilot) as I think they may be a bit too small for what you want and are even pricier than laptops.
    As far as I know, coding of your type isn't exactly strenuous on the system. That doesn't mean you should find a 486 laptop and try going with that---it would be slow in general---nor do you need to buy a screaming 2.8GHz Pentium 4 system that's decked out either.
    I'd try not to spend much over $1,000 on a new laptop based on the info given. While different CPU's will faster than others at a given speed, you'll not be noticing it. In otherwords, be cheap. There's no point in having something extravagant for what you're doing.
    Compaq makes some nice laptops (the brand is still being sold despite being bought out by HP), and you may be able to get a good deal on a clearance or display model.
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    I'd go with probably either Dell or Apple. I'd choose the Dell if you do asp(.net) programming with VS.net.

    If you mainly just code using html, php with a bit of graphics work I'd try checking out an iBook mainly because the Apple platform usually tends to have richer media programs.

    I'd also suggest this Alienware system although it's a bit of overkill for a web development enviroment if you want the power of a desktop in a laptop it's the way to go.

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