Wrong Molex Connector For Sas/sata Drive??

Discussion in 'Storage Devices' started by danielsan, Oct 15, 2014.

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    Hey Guys.. I need you help! I'm a first time poster here.. because I don't know where else to post this..

    I got my hands on 4 brand new 146 GB 10K SAS Drives from a SUN server. (for free)



    the box came with 2 drives and 1 wire.
    wire part number: 530-3810-03 REV.50 - TE/DGN 0914
    the single wire has 5 ends


    1) is the SAS+Power connector that goes to the 1st drive
    2) is the SAS+Power connector that goes to the 2nd drive
    3) is from the 1st sas connector to (what seems to be) Sata
    4) is from the 2nd sas connector to (what seems to be) Sata
    5) and finally the Power (that connects to the power supply)


    the issue I have here is that the power connector to the power supply is Female.


    and like you know.. the power supply itself has female plugs...
    and you can't plug female to female.
    the Cable that I have should have a male connector on it.. but it doesn't.

    what am I suppose to do?


    I looked to adapters... molex: male to male, female to female.. can't find one.

    So I figure..since I have a 3rd cable as spare - fuck it! I decided to splice it.

    I cut, striped, and soldered each wire back on with a male end. and shrunk wrapped it together nicely.


    I plug it all together... and with a little courage I turn the power on my power supply... the computer boots.... but to my surplise, neither of the drives have power. - I don't hear or feel the drives spin up and the bios still isn't detecting anything.

    What am I missing here? why isn't this working?
    is this for a proprietary raid controller that I don't have?? I dont get it :(
    How can I get this to work?
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    Can you test your "new" cable using multimeter?

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