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    Mandriva is happy to propose you a special offer on one of its best
    get the Powerpack 2 DVD version and save 50 %! These DVDs (32-bit and
    64-bit version) include commercial software (Flash/Java plugins, ...)
    and non free drivers (Nvidia and ATI video cards) with an auto
    installation system. The 50% discount is available on the slim box
    version and on the downloadable version.

    Get it now or recommend it to your friends, the downloadable version
    is 24,96 euros / USD 26.95 only!

    Click here: http://store.mandriva.com/product_info.php?products_id(8

    To benefit from the special 50% discount until May 4th on the
    Powerpack 2006 2 DVD product, please enter the following promotion
    code while purchasing: "PCS-SP0406DV"

    The Mandriva Online team.
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    "Product not found!" ooops :p

    check the link AT :D
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    Here is the link [link=http://store.mandriva.com/index.php?cPath=126&osCsid=09c3e6266e0698f42734bd585d1a84bb] Mandriva Specials [/link]

    Edit: [ot] Forgot to write about my Post Number 420 ...hehe [/ot]

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