Any idea where to get this thing?

Discussion in 'Mobile Technology' started by Triple H, Feb 20, 2010.

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    My friend has an old Laptop that is still functional, except for its monitor.
    So he tried to check the guts of the laptop and see if he could solve the problem.

    He noticed that there is a connector that runs from the motherboard to the LCD. The side at the motherboard has a 30-pin connector [2 rows] and the other side [the monitor] has a 20-pin connector [I guess]. The 30-pin connector was somehow torn out [check the pictures]


    I think this is why the monitor isn't working anymore, and it would be a shame to throw the laptop in trash only because of a torn out connector.

    I was wondering if any of you guys can tell me its name or give a link so that I can buy it. If it is not available, is there anyway to fix the one we already have?

    Thanks alot, and I hope I put my post in the right section.

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