Apple revenues miss expectations

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    Computing giant Apple reports unchanged profits and record revenues in the last three months of 2012, but markets register disappointment.

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    Let's do a little worst-case-scenario-math. Unit cost for a single iPhone5 16GB is around 170US$ (HW+SW) and retails somewhere in the 650-700 US$ range. Add marketing, logistics, etc and the price should double. Let's go even further, let's say 400US$. Let's take the most conservative number of units that will be sold, let's say 10 million (although Apple says 20 million). Simple math says gross turnover from iPhone5 16GB is roughly 3 billion US$. Don't know about the taxes Apple pays, how and when it pays them, but turnover from a single model should be around 750-800 million US$. Again this was a projection made using the most bleak of numbers. In reality Apple fared much, much better. And don't think for a second that the economic crisis is by any means over, anywhere in the world. If a net turnover of roughly 13 billion US$ is not enough for the investors during this economy, I don't know what is! heart weeps for Apple.

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