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    I'm sure you guys have heard or read about this somewhere, but it is said that the humans are using only about 10 percent of their brain capacity in terms of logic and so on. Those people who see the future and stuff have a bit more of the capacity "unlocked" - like an accident or simply a slight DNA mutation.

    I just wanted to do some virtual spam on this as I have noticed that the thing in my head is capable of funny stuff. For example - playing games, where one needs to do basic movement (reactions) like rally or some paddle game (ping pong or the awesome curveball). Sometimes I like play the game and unwillingly start to think about something else. And in the case of rally - I just snap back out of my thoughts because I have finished the current stage and have done surprisingly well. Problem is - I do not remember a thing from the stage itself. Similar things have happened to me at work when I am faced with a nontrivial logical problem and suddently it comes to me - I write up the code/idea and then it's gone. I have no idea how I did it, but problem solved.

    Share your experiences/opinions/thoughts. I am curious.

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