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    Got a Super Flower (Super Flower SF-464T2-B Rhythmic Blue ATX Case Top & Side Window & Front Neon Bubble Tubes) case. On the site it is similar to the 461 case (must be a UK thing!).

    Anyway, it comes with a side window which has a 80mm fan fitted to it. There is supposed to be incoming air through the front panel (at the moment there is no fan) and likewise the rear (again no fan fitted) should be the exhaust. I have the option of using 2x80mm front or 1x120mm and the same for the exhaust at the rear.

    Now this whole case cooling thing is a bit of super-engineering-physics to me. Everyone seems to say different things about it.

    Firstly, what is your opinions on my options for 1x120mm or 2x80mm fans front and rear (bearing in mind I have a 80mm fan on the side window for inlet air)

    Secondly, what brand should I use for reliability and efficiency?

    My setup (will be as I'm building it at the moment) AMD Athlon XP3200 400FSB, ThermalTake Extreme Volcano 12, Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe with 1xSATA (with Vantec Vortex Hard Drive Cooling System) and 1xIDE (Vantec 3.5" Hard Drive Cooler), ATI Sapphire 9700Pro and just as I don't think I can put anymore fans on the bloody thing a Super Flower Real 520w Quadruple Fan Psu!

    Thanks again,
    Rich :confused:
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    I'd get 2 120mm fans for both the front and rear because they make less noise while still moving a good amount of air.

    I personnally like panaflo. They are very quiet and powerful. I have 2 H1As and will probably get a couple more. I recommend them over the Vantec Stealth any day.
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    I recommend anything over the vantec stealth, they suck. I would know i have 4

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