Creating Second Wifi Point From Wired Lan?

Discussion in 'Networking and Computer Security' started by rob_hellfire, Nov 21, 2017.

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    I've got a problem with wifi reception which I'm hoping to rectify as economically as possible.

    I've got wired sockets in pretty much every room of my house and multiple in some allowing me to create a point at the back of the house where the wifi doesn't reach but I'm not getting anywhere trying to find the right solution.

    I think a device like the Ubiquiti range would be what I want to acheive but am thinking that they're intended for public wifi with lots of users? like a pub or office space.

    I've looked at cheaper wifi extenders like you'd buy at PC world or tescos which have a LAN connection but they're intended to connect a wired device to the wifi rather than the other way around and I'd rather keep as much speed in the transfer rate as possible.

    The final options I've found are adding a second cheap router, programmed to work as a wifi point only or patched with a different firmware/software (Tomato?) OR change my VM superhub to a modem only and change the main wifi to a stronger router?

    Any help appreciated, there's too many options for me to pin down one and then delve intop online reviews to try get somewhere with a realm I'm completely un-educated in.



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