Debug Dump Files & System error memory dump files

Discussion in 'Windows OS's' started by LeonT, Apr 8, 2012.

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    The other day I started my Acer laptop up Windows 7 operating system, and I had a message that I had some sort of problem when last shutting down, it started up okay and is now working fine, but when I do a Windows Disc Cleanup there are 287 mb each of both the above files, but everytime I tick to delete they are still there when I open up Disc Cleanup again.

    Is this a serious problem and should I just leave them alone.

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    Those files are there to give you information about computer crashes. They are created whenever you have a system crash/bluescreen and can give you clues when you run them through windows debugger tools as to what caused the crash (such as the name of a driver or program that is the likely cause of a crash). They shouldnt harm anything by being on your system, and by default they should just overwrite one another the next time a crash occurs. If you right click on computer in the start menu, choose properties, then click advanced system settings, then choose the advanced tab, look down to where it says start up and recovery and click that settings button, it will bring you to a window where you can choose if you want the computer to record the crash in a dump file or not, and also where it writes the file to.

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