eager to learn howto : "disk repair and data recovery"

Discussion in 'Storage Devices' started by FEC_80, Sep 22, 2012.

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    I am a noob but familiar with microsoft and now a happy fedora-linux addict for one year now.

    As I am and are ferry eager to learn howto.. about whats ever to know about building,maniging, and repairing Desktops, laptops, servers, routers, phones(android) etc.
    (hobby running out of hand and liking it getting serious)

    Seems to me that the best start is to get familiar with linuxcomputers (because thats my current favorite) in depth and i found a nice tutorial now for basic understanding and managing. Running that now.

    Next step is harware understanding: starting with filesystems and the storagedevices (hardisc for excample) .
    For practice I sometimes help vriends with their problems as far I can.

    Now I need to save (if possible) an windows xp system for a friend.
    Here for i need ,if possible a bootable, datarecovery/repair peace of software/distro to practice with. (not to easy not to difficult)

    I have looked and found at places like Softpedia and sourceforge but there is to much to pick from.

    So my question is : Can somebody help my out here and give me some direction and tips???
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    Hi FEC_80

    I used a paid application recover my hard drive years ago, unfortunately can't remember the name. I do remember posting about on the forums but again can't remember when/where.

    These days theres some BootCDs that might help you out e.g
    Hope it helps.
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    Hey mr Sniper, thanks for the quick reaction....

    I have been looking around and found (after searching and asking google several times the same question but in other words.) ,at I believe it was Distrrowatch ,
    some nice iso samples of linux-distros wich had nice features and tools.

    One is called "Trinity" and the otherÅ› name is "RIP-Linux" which i have downloaded and used to check it out.

    I havent been able to try most of the programms that are on the disks but I am pleased with the result till now.(havent tested data recovery yet but still).

    Never the less you made me very happy with youre tips.

    The more the better . :).

    One of them , the ultimatebootcd , I came across @ softpedia or sourceforge and if you think it could be of some use I fatch him as well as soon as I finish this reply. ItÅ› also a name that sounds fammiliar to me from an earlyer, just-surf and look for whatever I come across, session some time aggo.

    The other one I dont remember comming across so I wil look there first.!.....THX

    If I have succes with one of them I will let you know by posting another message so you and any other HF-users looking for this can have a try later on. by using the links posted .

    So thx &

    Whish me luck!!!

    (ps sorry about my probably poor grammar. not my native language.)

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