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Discussion in 'Networking and Computer Security' started by beretta9m2f, Nov 14, 2004.

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    I used to do file transfers from my laptop to desktop via a netgear router flawlessley through aim and at about 10mbps. Now i switched to a wireless router. I cannot send anything through aim. It won't go through with any file transfers and it gives varrying messages, *use same version of aim* *check firewall settings* I've tried varrying firewall settings on sp2 (both machines) and nothing. I had no problems before running on this wireless router. (and yes both computers are plugged in via network cables to the router, so its not the wireless card)

    PS i don't know if this helps but when i go to network connections on both the pc and laptop and double click on the icon, the litle compuers are grey instead of colored in. dunno what that means.
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    I am unsure as to whether this will help or not but here goes:

    In my experience with wireless routers you will need to set all your clients (computers or devices that will connect to it) so that they each use the same gateway that the router is setup for (or specifcy your own IP / Gateway range for example:

    Set your router to provide the IP range of:
    10.6.x.x as its easy to remember (x being other numerals you choose) from 0 - 254)

    Set your router to the gateway address: 10.6.x.1
    (again easy to remember)

    And turn off Windows XP SP2's built in firewall, its rubbish anyway (as far as other free firewalls go)

    Set all your client machines so that they are setup for DHCP

    This should work, however i am unsure as i have no experience of wireless routers + XP SP2

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