Free Ipod shuffle with a student account [UK]

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    To apply for the Student account you must:

    1. have been a permanent UK resident for the last 3 years
    2. be 17 years or older,
    3. not hold a student account elsewhere,
    4. have applied for a full-time course of at least two years duration which is one of the following
    • Undergraduate degree such as a BA, BSc, LLB or BEd,
    • BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND – level 3 or 4),
    • Diploma in Nursing Studies,
    • Diploma of Higher Education,
    • have an unconditional offer letter or a UCAS acceptance letter for one of the above courses.

    Link: Macworld UK - LloydsTSB offers free iPod shuffle to students

    NOTE: according to the poster in the bank window, you also have to depostit £500 by (i think) a date in september
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    dam, I already have a student accout with them...
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    wow- cool...shame Im not 17 till December :(

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