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    I have an ASUA nvidia 240 GT and an EVGA? nvidia 8500 GT installed on my system.
    The fans on both cards run at 100% all of the time, and I want to slow them down.

    I've tried using nTune, ASUS SmartDoctor, Rivatuner, EVGA Precision, and MSI Afterburner to tweak fan speeds, but none of them work. nTune and Smartdoctor cant control any fan speeds. I couldnt even find any fan speed control utilities in Rivatuner (maybe i'm using it incorrectly?). Precision and Afterburner only control the 8500 by setting the automatic speed control (no manual), but the fan speeds are inverted (100% in the software = the fan physically stopping and 0% in the software = the fan physically running at full speed).

    I've tried this using both Windows XP 32-bit and windows 7 64-bit (dual boot)

    Please Help.

    CPU: Athlon 2 X4 620

    Two monitors connected to the 240, and one monitor connected to the 8500
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    your system is managing your FAN speeds ,
    you need first to see if the problem for that isn't comming from high temperatures within your system ...
    try this edition of RIVA TUNER :
    Click Download , then you'll see 2 servers to download from ,
    choose one of them and then you'll need to : " agree with their license agreenment's "
    after that , the download will start automaticly ...

    wish you good luck

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