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    To cut along story short, does anyone have any experience with silenting hard drive vibration (like a case, or some sort of special device) - i bought screws with special washers from ebay them but they did NOTHING!

    I bought a new case for my pc because the hdds were noisy, i bought an astec case (cant spell it) because it said it had hdd suppression pads to silent the drives so i bought it and the hdds were vibrating the whole case (worse than my old case) i was very very angry at astec for false advertising. sure it had hdd pads but they are as solid as a rock and provide no dampning from vibration
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    how may washers do your screws have?

    The only way i can think of to make such screws would be with a metal washer and two foam discs and to make the screw holes in the HDD housing bigger so the screw does not touch them.

    explained slightly better:
    The screw head or thread must not touch the HDD housing
    Some sort of foam washer each side of the HDD housing
    an extra metal washer on the outside of the housing


    <screw head><metal washer><foam washer><screw goes through HDD housing><foam washer><Hard Drive>

    The foam discs would be compressed between the metal washer and the HDD (and this pressure also keeps the drive in place :p) but if it is too tight then the foam will transfer the vibrations (instead of allowing the drive to move slightly)
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    thanks ill buy some foam washers and let you know how i get on
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    You could fit a "hot swop" drive case if you have a spare 5 1/4 drive bay. I have done this in the past and it does stiffle noise, Also you can remove the drive and replace it with another drive :D

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