help finding drivers for yp-207 samsung

Discussion in 'Drivers and Firmware' started by stefan1988, May 19, 2007.

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    i got this mp3 or audio player whatever you want to call it that my dad found with the cable and the device. sadly it dint come with the software and im trying to find drivers for it or the software

    the device is a samsung device
    on the back it says digital audio player
    yp-207 i believe this is the model number

    i tried looking for the drivers but because the device is kind of old is a pain to find the drives and i beleive the device is obsolete so they dont produce any more because there a better models so when you google yepp yp-207 it rearely shows anything relate to the device im talking about and usually shows a newer model

    any help finding driver is appreciated:)

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