How To Change Name On Facebook?

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    When you make a profile on Facebook or register yourself. It is mandatory to enter certain essential details like name, contact information, birthday date, etc. But all these details are not permanent and Facebook provides you the option to change them later. Let’s see how to change name on Facebook on iPhone. You have to navigate to settings and follow a series of steps for Fb name change. Let’s have a look at the steps.

    Steps to change profile name:

    · Go through the rules and policies before making any changes.

    · On your iPhone, open the profile and click on right.

    · Then, go to the settings.

    · Click on personal and account information.

    · Click on name option.

    · There is an edit option next to your name.

    · Enter the new name and click on review.

    · Now, enter your password and save the changes.

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