How To Configure Yahoo Mail Pop And Smtp Settings For Outlook?

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    Ensuring the correct Yahoo Mail POP and SMTP settings for Outlook is crucial to ensure the proper working of the email account. If you aren't sure of how to do the Yahoo Mail POP settings Outlook or the SMTP settings, follow the series of steps mentioned below:

    1. Ensure that the server address is set to

    2. Set the username as your complete Yahoo Mail address and the password as your Yahoo Mail password.

    3. Set the port number as 465 and alternative port number as 587.

    4. Under the ‘Authentication’ section, select ‘Required’.

    5. For POP settings, set the server address as and the port number as 995.

    6. Type ‘Yes’ under the ‘SSL Required’ section and if you want, you can use both SSL as well as TLS, if available.

    How to Configure POP and IMAP Settings on Yahoo Mail

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