How to Disable Automatic Restarts

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    This thread will teach you how to disable automatic restarts, very helpful in cases wherein the computer restarts too fast after having displayed a BSOD error message, because it is so fast you won't be able to read the BSOD message , so you'll need this.

    Simple Method:
    • Click 'Start'
    • Click on 'Run'
    • Type in "sysdm.cpl" (without the quotes) and press Enter
    • Click on the 'Advanced' tab
    • Click on the 'Startup and Recovery' Settings button
    • Uncheck 'Automatically restart', then click on OK
    • Click on OK to exit the System applet, then close the Control Panel.
    • Reboot for the changes to take effect
    Registry Method:

    Caution!!! Do not this at home, especially when you are alone. BTW, if you are not comfortable in doing this method, or in editing your registry, then don't do this. If you are reckless or won't follow instructions on what to edit, then make a backup of your registry. FYI - there's no easy way to restore the backup copy without exiting Windows - it won't let you update sections of the registry that are being used by Windows. Finally, I refuse to be responsible if you hose your system

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