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    Apple iPhone Review


    The version that I’m reviewing, is the 8 GB version.

    Package Contents
    The iPhone package contains the following:
    • iPhone 8 GB
    • AC power adapter (AC - USB)
    • USB Cable
    • Cradle
    • Earpieces
    • Cleaning Cloth
    • Quick user manual, explaining the touch features (not displayed)
    • (optional) Power scoket converter piece for use in non-US power sockets (not displayed)

    Using the device
    When using the device, you notice the easy user interface. All applications are listed on the main page. It is possible to modify the screen, by moving icons to a different position or setting multiple screens.

    The keyboard is operated directly on the touch screen. You press a button, and it gets entered when you release it, so you can always slide to a different key in case you press the wrong one. Also, when holding a button it shows additional options like putting accents on specific letters. However, you do need to get used to it. You might make loads of typos in the beginning, but you get used to it :)

    The performance is great, as I never noticed any slowdowns. Thanks to that, you don’t need to wait all the time for an action to be completed.

    Nice Features
    Google Maps: The iPhone contains Google Maps. By using cellular technology, your location gets displayed on the map. When you got a data plan with your provider, you can use it on-the-go as a navigation device.

    Youtube: You can launch Youtube directly from the main menu. There you can search for movies and play them.

    iPod: The iPhone includes an iPod. It has the same interface and features as the iPod Touch. There is also a Cover Flow, as used in iTunes to browse through your albums in 3D mode.

    Safari: The popular webbrowser Safari is included. It shows web pages just like the browser in a computer. Because I used Windows Mobile in the past, this was a good experience for me. I never seen a mobile webbrowser, that shows web pages just like I’m used on the PC. You can rotate web pages and also zoom in.

    Other Stuff
    The iPhone includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and EDGE.

    The Wi-Fi settings are easy to configure. You just need to press on the preferred Network, and enter the encryption key (if required).

    EDGE is a technology used to connect to the internet, using the cellular network. However, this technology is slow, compared to 3G. So if you want a fast cellular internet connection, then I would suggest to wait for the 3G version of the iPhone.

    It contains bluetooth, but I haven’t been able to get it working. When turned on, it says that it is discoverable. But in most cases it is not detected by any bluetooth device. Sometimes it is detected, but any attempts to send files to it, fails.

    The iPhone has about the same weight as a regular smartphone (not the brick ones). The thickness is about the same as a pencil. When comparing to the size of a computer mouse, it has the same width as a mouse, and about an inch longer than a mouse.

    Overall Rating

    + Light and thin
    + Next-gen Touch Screen
    + Easy user interface, like most Apple products
    + High Performance
    + Large storage capacity

    - Bluetooth connection doesn’t work as it should
    - EDGE is slower, than the new 3G connection

    Overal score: 8/10

    Conclusion: The iPhone is a next-gen smartphone, that is very useful for both private and business users. However, due to the pricing it might be more sold to companies than to private users.
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    Good review, but personally (although I haven't played about on one) I think it lacks the features that phones such as the N95 have.

    For example, a 5mp camera wouldn't have been bad, although all camera phones are poor compared to a proper digital camera.
    Also, the ability to record video clips! Maybe not used by a lot of people, but it's an almost standard feature, and the last phone I had that took photos but didn't record video was a Motorola V500 years ago!!

    I know the N95 is a brick in comparison, but given the choice I'd easily go for the N95. Currently though I have the N80 which does most of the stuff the N95 does (and mine has a higher screen resolution!), except I don't have GPS.
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    I agree, but it's designed to be used in a company environment (most smartphones are), and therefore a camera is not used in most cases. Regular cell phones are designed for multi-media like high-res cameras, while smartphones got a more powerful organiser.

    The iPhone can record video. You just need to install the option from the Installer.

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