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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Brad1177, Jan 14, 2003.

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    Hey Im doing a sr. engineering project for my high school. Im to choose something I like to do and then find a problem with it. I chose joysticks. The problem I found with them is that they can only be used for pretty much flight simulators. Now they can be used for fps games but still you need to have your keyboard right there by your side and that takes up a lot of space. I was just wanting to get some feed back from some other people that would justify that im not the only person who has seen this problem. Im wanting to design something like an all in one joystick but first I need some information from the public. So lets hear some navigation problems you all have had with your joysticks in all the games you play.
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    navigation problems, I think joy sticks are mainly for flight related games, since I've never used a joy stick really, can't say if I had any problems, maybe someone else has here has?
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    Well basically yeah they're just good for flight sims or games like that, I only use mine for X-Wing : Alliance. I have a Gravis Blackhawk digital(joystick) and a gravis gamepad pro(gamepad) and when I wanna play X-Wing : Alliance and both are connected I cannot use the joystick so that'S one problem but when I play nhl 2003 both work just fine so I guess the game is the problem. Plus, I think joysticks now are cheap in quality compared to a old gravis analog that I had, the stick was a lot stiffer which I liked very much, now it is too soft in my opinion so I had to get used to it and there'S a plastic thing to help hold your hand and it became loose not much time after having bought it. It works well but I think that this particular one is cheaper in quality (solidity, it's still good for gameplay). And even the more expensive ones do not look very solid, I tried a microsoft sidewinder once and it did not look very solid either and it was pretty expensive at that time. and it does take a lot of space with the keyboard and the mouse aside. I'm still very satisfied with the one I have.

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