Mystery Science Theater 3000

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    Has anyone seen this TV program? It's not really avaliable in the UK (in the sence that it doesn't show on the TV, but you can get the DVDs).

    It's basically about a man who gets captured for a scientific experiment, shot into space and force to watch REALLY cheesy old movies from earth with a couple of robots (Tom Servo and Croooooow). The funny thing is that the movies are SO cheesy that you get the guy and the robots making great comments about the films.


    On an educational program where a guy is played by a woman (Peter Pan style)
    Woman: "Do I look funny Buzz?"
    Robot: "You look hot!"

    Old women in a factory polishing trumpets
    Robot: "Ooh, all these will make wonderfun sounds someday, yes they will."
    Other robot: "Work faster grandma!"

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    Yeah, one of my favorite shows. :) Get your hands on the MST3k movie, if you can -- it's target film is "This Island Earth". Great watching.
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    Nice show

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