Need Help Chosing Older Model Gpu For Wow

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    I am new here and was hoping you knowledgable people could help an old geezer find out which GPU series from the last 3-5 years would be preferable to playing WoW without screen freezes. I do not play high end 3D shooter games,mostly WoW and SW The Old REpublic as well as games like Tropico and RTS's.

    I am NOT looking to get top line as the price inflation is insane, i usually use GPU in the 250$ region, but i haven't kept up with the market in years so i am completely lost.. I am very motived to buy used i just need some model numbers to search for.

    It would be nice if it could run on my current board,but not a necessity.

    Current system is as old as anything can be in the pc world.

    Intel I5-4690K
    Asrock Z97 Extreme6
    Radeon HD7850
    16GB ram
    XfX 650w single rail gold psu

    If spending money on something from the last 3 years to use with the old system is a bad idea, i am looking at buying this:
    Asrock B365M Pro4-F
    Intel Core I3-10100
    16GB HyperX Fury PC3-21300

    Any help is appreciated, thank you
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