"OSS" (Open Source Software) what a joke

Discussion in 'Linux, BSD and Other OS's' started by donkey42, Mar 11, 2013.

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    "OSS" (Open Source Software) what a joke

    i mean OS in my mind, means anybody can do anything they want with it, as we are all living in the same world, so presumably most programmers, whether working on a personal project that others could also benefit from, or working on another project that will benefit others, but no, that isn't the case

    don't get me wrong i used to like OSS but now i don't like any license restrictions, just the inclusion of: we/I am non liable for anything, by using this software you agree that anything that happens (good or bad) is entirely your responsibility, however this program may or may not have been designed for that purpose but it should work, just understand the above warning

    well when i start writing software either originally for my own use or to benefit others will be released under my own license if i can't find one, without restrictions at all, i may add an optional credit clause which i personally would appreciate but is not necessary the fact that someone finds if useful it brilliant

    i just hope some hardware manufactures read this and agree and hopefully release hardware as "TOSS" (True Open Source) otherwise i'll have to make all my hardware from scratch

    i look forward to any replies

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