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Discussion in 'Drivers and Firmware' started by Manolis, May 30, 2011.

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    Hello. It's my first time posting here. I have a problem with ine of my RAMs in my laptop. my Laptop is an LG - F5 series with Core2Duo 1.6GHz, 2.5GB Ram (1x2GB + 1x 512GB). Recent;y I bought another RAM (2GB) but for some reason it's not recognized. Actually if I put it on, all I get is a black screen....

    Any suggestions/help will do :)

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    i can't find any information on the laptop make/model you specified.
    without knowing the specifications of your laptop, existing ram sticks, and new ram sticks it would be hard to diagnose.
    since you were able to have a 2gb stick already working that should say the slots can take 2gb. i'm guessing you have 2 slots.
    im also guessing your wanting to replace your 512mb stick with this 2gb to make a total of 4gb.
    few things are possible...
    maybe you purchased the wrong type of memory that is incompatible with your laptop.
    good way to start when purchasing memory is to take your laptop to a store and have them check out what you have in it already so they can get you the right type.
    another possibility is that the new stick you bought isnt compatible with your other older 2gb stick.
    try to remove all the old memory and just install the new 2gb stick to see if that works. if it does then you know its not compatible with your older 2gb.
    my preference is to have 2 of the same type and brand memory so i would just buy a set 2 x 2gb to avoid any issues.

    on the very unlikely side, your laptop might have a limit on maximum memory or on that particular slot.
    you can try taking your 2 old ram chips (2gb and 512mb) and just switch them around and see if it still boots up.
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    Need more info, What is the rams MAX ??? Are you sure of your make and model of this laptop ??

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