trying to install XP on vaio laptop

Discussion in 'Mobile Technology' started by elmogrita, Feb 24, 2010.

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    so im trying to install XP on a friends laptop and it has been giving me no end of grief

    its a VGN FZ210C which has a SATA hard drive, i believe i found the proper chipset driver:

    Intel 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller (mobile ICH8M-E/M)

    I slipstreamed it into my windows xp install cd and instead of getting "no hard drive detected" it allowed me to partition and format the hard drive

    heres the deal: i didnt watch the install but when i got home there was a big blue box on the screen that looked like it should have been the background to my desktop and now when it trys to boot to windows, once it gets to the gray bar loading at the bottom of the screen it loads like 1/6 of the way and hangs there

    has anyone else done this before?

    i know my next step is to reformat and watch the install to see how far it gets etc. just wondering if anyone has any tips?

    Installing Windows XP over Windows Vista on a Sony Vaio Laptop is a great help, but nothing about what im currently facing

    Windows XP Downgrade Drivers and Applications for VGN-FZ2 Series(Zip File) : Sony Asia Pacific has all the drivers but theyre in exe form and are not extractible as far as i can tell

    sony is no help i chatted with their text tech support for 10 minutes before she told me "that laptop is not compatible with windows xp" i said bullcrap it aint, i just need to know what drivers to use and she disconnected, LAME

    EDIT: Original - IntelĀ® 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller Driver is the correct driver, it whats listed on sony's support page

    also realized after looking into it further that the driver download package i found is for sony asia computers :p not including the model im working on
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    so, i quick formatted, reinstalled and viola! windows xp! and sony said it couldn't be done hahahaha

    note to anyone trying to do this in the future:

    here is how i did it

    1) identify the chipset and SATA controller for your laptop model
    2) slipstream the SATA drivers into your windows xp install
    3) after windows installs you'll need to get service pack 2, DONT install all the other security/software updates, it will crash and you'll have to start over (speaking from experience)
    4) once SP2 is installed you can go to intel's website and locate the Intel Chipset Update Utility for your specific chipset series (400, 800, {5 4 3 or 900 are all in one})

    5) install the chipset identification utility and let it run and install all of your drivers (note: i got everything except the wireless working using this, still workin on that as of right now)

    hope this helps anyone who has to do this in the future, i have over 10 hours in it so far

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