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Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by ginnaw, Jan 26, 2007.

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    First of all I'd like to apologize in advance if I breech any rules, regulations or procedures this forum has.

    I have a Dell Dimension 3000 which has just run out of warranty, giving that the power supply blew the other day leaving a puff of dust and no working Computer. I am in search for a replacement power supply unit, having looked at the old blown one it reads 250W and I've managed to locate this

    ebuyer.com - Cases PSUs Barebones » Power Supplies » Extra Value » Product details

    Very cheap I know, but will it do the job? As the Unit shown above has a higher Wattage output than the original Dell supply, would this effect the operation of the Machine? My Dell has to power simply one CD Drive and Hard Drive. That’s all. Could someone please tell me if this product is appropriate and if not recommend my course of action, I'd like to say this Machine is part of an office network so noise consideration is not relevant, it just has to run.

    Thanks for taking time to read my post, I look forward to any feedback.
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    be v v careful replacing the PSU, Wattage doesn't mean a thing, buying a good PSU is more of an investment (as when you upgrade you can usually put the PSU into a new PC) you do know that PSU is ATX don't you (as you haven't specified the PSU type in your current system) check out Big B's PSU Sticky for a list of good & bad PSU's, anyway, back to your question, will this work: well that depends, what is the spec of the machine you want to power ?
    and what type of PSU are you replacing ?
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    Dell is known to use PSU's that are wired up just a little differently, so you usually can't use the average off-the-shelf PSU in them. Basically, you'll need to purchase a PSU from Dell or PC Power & Cooling's Dell-specific units. Secondly, there's a real good reason that PSU is that cheap. If you want to save some cash, go with Hiper or FSP, those companies offer inexpensive units that are still good quality. Unfortunately, thanks to Dell's custom wiring job, neither option is going to be cheap.

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