Win 7 WMC/Media Browser issue,.any ideas?

Discussion in 'Windows OS's' started by M_Kincy, Oct 11, 2011.

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    A bit of background info...
    I use Win 7 Windows Media Center along with the Media Browser add-on to manage my large (5+ TB, 800+ movies 2000+ CD's) movie and music collection. For about 18 months i had all of the media stored on hard drives in my HTPC and everything worked flawlessly.

    The trouble started about a month ago when i decided to build 2 more HTPC's, one for my bedroom and another for the kids TV room. I moved all of my music and movie files to my file server, set all three HTPC's to use it for the media locations and thought i should be golden.... but, though everything was fine with the music, none of the movies would show the cover art inside media browser. after trial and error i found that if i went through and renamed each of the media folders, for example i would rename "13 Assassins (2011)" folder to "13 Assassins (2011)x" where "x" could be any letter or number, then that movie would load its cover art in media browser. So, i went through and renamed every folder in this manner and got it all back in shape.

    however, randomly i will now loose the cover art for various movies, sometimes just one movie, other times up to ten movies. each time this happens I have to rename the problem folders again to get the art to show. after dealing with this for about a month i am trying to come up with a solution, one thing that has come to mind is to write a .bat file that will rename ever folder for me adding a letter or number to the end of the folder name, which would automate the proccess and save me alot of time. but i am hoping someone may have some insight to the actual root of the problem so that i can fix it where it never looses the art again.

    To go ahead and answer some of the questions i foresee people may ask.
    My internet connection is 100Mb/sec fiber And a 50Mb/sec cable redundant, always on.

    My HTPC's are all core i3 or better with dual teamed gigabit connections to the network switch.

    My file server is Dual Xeon (E5603) with a 10-gigabit connection to the network switch.

    If one pc looses the art for a certain movie the other two pc's may not. its totaly random.

    The effected movies do not loose the synopsis which is also retrievd from the internet, only the cover.

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